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Bromsgrove Bookstall


A variety of books about Bromsgrove and the surrounding area is now available to purchase via our online bookstall. Postage and packing is £2.00 for order values below £5.00, and £3.50 for orders of £5.00 or more. This will be added at checkout. For orders weighing 2kg or more, or for overseas rates please contact John Weston at books [at] bsoc.co.uk before ordering. We accept payment by credit/debit card or Paypal, using the Paypal gateway.

Clicking an 'Add to Cart' button will open a new tab or window on the Paypal website. To make multiple purchases please return to the Bromsgrove Society tab and make another selection. Checkout in the Paypal tab to complete your purchase.

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If you wish, you can also pay by cheque. Please make cheques payable to The Bromsgrove Society and send to John Weston, 20 Sunningdale Road, Bromsgrove, B61 7NN, tel.: 01527 873483.

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Bromsgrove (General)

General books about Bromsgrove and district.


web Dyer
Bromsgrove: A Small Town in Worcestershire in the Middle Ages
Christopher Dyer (Worcestershire Historical Society, Occasional Publication No.9, 2000, reprinted 2020) £5.00

This monograph, by the noted academic historian Prof. Chris Dyer, describes Bromsgrove's early growth and development during the Middle Ages. Originally published in 2000, this valuable booklet has now been reprinted, with minor corrections.


  Stoke Prior - A Short History
Andrew Harris, £5.00

A new title by popolar local historian Andrew Harris (awaiting picture)


 web FForester 2020 Feckenham Forester, 2020 edition
Feckenham Forest History Society, £3.50

Local history magazine covering Redditch, Feckenham, Inkberrow and surrounding area. Articles in this issue include: Redditch Fair; The Hill Family of Astwood Bank; The History of Avery Needle Cases; Redditch's Farming Heritage; and The Goulds of Feckenham.


web DearWatsons 

The Dear Watsons
Lynne Birch (Brewin Books, 2019).  £9.95

The Dear Watsons tells the story of the Watson family who ran De Greys, the upmarket cafe in Bromsgrove High Street, both before and after WW2. The building, which was most recently occupied by Prezzo and previously by T. Bayliss & Son, also had rooms and during the War these were often occupied by Birmingham folk seeking a safe place to sleep. The author is the granddaughter of Gladys Watson who ran the cafe. The book has been written as a novel but all the names and events are unchanged.


web finstall 

The Story of Finstall: The 1640s to the 1940s
Jennie McGregor-Smith (Brewin Books, 2018).  £12.00

Local author, and Bromsgrove Society member, Jennie McGregor-Smith tells the story of Finstall, from the Civil War through to the 1940s. The book travels from the tiny hamlet with just a blacksmith's workshop on the Alcester Road and a few small farming dwellings. It tells the story of many changes and goes up to the attractive village we have today with its Village Hall, the corner shop, the Cross Inn, and Dusthouse Lane and Pikes Pool Lane which even today still feel like true countryside.


 web AstonFields

From Bromsgrove to Aston Fields: A Story of Victorian Expansion
Jennie McGregor-Smith (Brewin Books, 2008)   £14.00

This absorbing and liberally illustrated book tells the history of Aston Fields and the Victorian development of the eastern side of Bromsgrove. The arrival of the railway had a major influence on the area. It describes the new roads and some of the people who lived in them, as well as the importance of industries such as the Wagon Works, the clothing factory and Bromsgrove Guild to the town’s economy.    

 web History Of Hanbury

A History of Hanbury
Andrew Harris (Andrew Harris, 2018)  £10.00

The story begins with the Iron Age hill fort, which it is thought played an important role locally, and continues with the Roman Period, about which a clear picture has emerged. The Anglo-Saxon period seems to have been one of much change and disruption. In the post medieval period the parish was dominated by the Vernon and Bearcroft families, and their story is fully told in the book.


 web Sketches Of Bromsgrove

Sketches of Bromsgrove
Bill Hazlehurst (Quercus, 1995)  £5.00

Forty pen and ink sketches of local buildings as they used to be by the popular Midland artist.

Bromsgrove (People)

People and personalities from the town.


web Burnell Of Bromsgrove 

Burnell of Bromsgrove (1871-1959): Yorkshire Man: Bromsgrove Musician
John R. Arrand (Brewin Books, 2018)   £7.50

The story of Isaiah Burnell, a man of humble Yorkshire origins, who for almost fifty years taught, developed, encouraged and made music in his adopted home town of Bromsgrove. A friend of Edward Elgar, he was Director of Music at Bromsgrove School for 25 years and a longstanding member of Bromsgrove Musical Club. His best known work is the anthem Surely the Lord is in This Place which he wrote for the dedication of Bromsgrove School’s Memorial Chapel in 1931.    

 web Benjamin Sanders The Extraordinary Adventures of Benjamin Sanders Buttonmaker of Bromsgrove
Alan Richards (The Bromsgrove Society, 1984)  £4.00 paperback

The core of this book is the autobiography of a man who led an extraordinary life of adventure in times which were full of drama. Benjamin Sanders’s account of his life, penned in 1833 when he was seventy, is a lively tale of a life full of incident. Sanders moves from Worcester to London, to New York, to Copenhagen, during which travels he experienced incredible changes of fortune through plague and wars, before coming in his later years to settle and establish his button factory in Bromsgrove. Available in both hardback and paperback editions. 
 web Benjamin Sanders hardback

The Extraordinary Adventures of Benjamin Sanders Buttonmaker of Bromsgrove
Alan Richards (The Bromsgrove Society, 1984)

As above. Limited edition hardback edition. £6.00

web Mixed Memoirs

Mixed Memoirs: Life & Work at the UK’s Leading Paint Brush Manufacturer
Leslie G. Harris & Andrew Harris.     £5.00

Founded by Leslie Harris in 1928, L.G. Harris & Co. became the UK’s leading paintbrush manufacturer. This book tells the story of the business, from small beginnings in the back streets of Birmingham to the creation of a garden factory in the countryside near Bromsgrove. Leslie Harris’s son Andrew has brought the story up to date, describing developments affecting manufacturing and retailing in more recent times. Illustrated with over 250 archive pictures.

Bromsgrove (Industries)

Industries, occupations and crafts.



The Bromsgrove Guild: An Illustrated History
Edited by Quintin Watt (The Bromsgrove Society, 1999)

Sold out but limited secondhand paperback copies available at £11.00 each. Use the Add to Cart button to purchase.

This superb publication from the Bromsgrove Society followed five years of research by our Local History Group. It has 160 pages and contains over 100 illustrations, 25 of which are in colour. In addition to the fascinating story of the business which brought Bromsgrove to worldwide prominence, it includes: interviews with four former Guild employees; a useful gazetteer of Bromsgrove Guild work in the West Midlands; and appendices which include lists of all known Bromsgrove Guild personnel as well as Guild commissions carried out in London and abroad.    

 web AJDavies

The Stained Glass Windows of A.J. Davies of the Bromsgrove Guild
Roy Albutt (Roy Albutt, 2005)   £16.95

Describes the life and works of Bromsgrove artist and craftsman Archibald John Davies. Born in 1877, Davies was educated in Birmingham and trained at the Birmingham School of Art in the Arts and Crafts style. In 1906 he established a stained glass studio in the premises of the Bromsgrove Guild and worked there until his death in 1953. The book includes more than fifty colour photographs and a gazetteer of Davies’s work around Britain.   

 web AELemmon

A.E. Lemmon (1889-1963) Artist and Craftsman:
The stained glass windows and other artwork of a Midlands craftsman

Roy Albutt (Roy Albutt, 2008)  £12.95

Devoted to the life and work of Albert Edward Lemmon and his son Peter. Born in Birmingham in 1889, Lemmon trained at the Birmingham School of Art from 1903-1908. After working initially with A.J. Davies, in 1928 he established his own studio in Bromsgrove undertaking commissions for stained glass windows and the decorative arts. The book has gazetteers of his work, as well as many colour photographs.    

 web Longbridge

Making Cars at Longbridge
Gillian Bardsley & Colin Corke (Tempus Publishing, 2006). Single, pre-owned copy, £7.00

Containing unique images from the official company archive, this book charts almost one hundred years of car-making at the Longbridge factory near Birmingham. Colin Corke is a lifelong car enthusiast and a former chaplain to the factory. Gillian Bardsley is Archivist to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust at Gaydon, which is the custodian of the extensive Longbridge archive. (Pre-owned copy, last few pages a little stained).

Bromsgrove (Organisations)

Well known organisations and institutions.


 web Barnsley Hall

In The Cuckoo's Nest - Barnsley Hall, Bromsgrove, 1907-1999
AJ Holden & WJ Holden (2017)  £20.00

During his long service at Barnsley Hall, engineer A.J. Holden gained a unique insight into the development of mental health treatment and attitudes to mental health in general. The book is based on his notebooks, written up and expanded on by his son Bill Holden. The latter part of the book consists of Bill's own research into the developments at Barnsley Hall during the Second World War when it became an important military hospital. The book offers a detailed account of this major Bromsgrove landmark and icon.

 web Fairly Mounted

Fairly Mounted on a Hill: Bromsgrove’s Church and Its People
Simon Henderson (2015)  £12.00

The story of a church and the people who used it. Before Henry VIII created the first of many splits in the English Church every man, woman and child in the country saw their local church as a focus of their life. While modern England developed around it, the parish church provided a point of continuity and permanence in often troubled times. This human story complements the church as a piece of architecture; it explains why churches look as they do and why we are who we are.

 web PostalHistory

The Postal History of Bromsgrove & District, 1703-1994
Michael H. Young.  £12.00

The author was an enthusiastic collector of Worcestershire postal history, a Fellow of the Society of Postal Historians, Chairman of the Midland Postal History Society, and a member of the Postal History Society of Great Britain.    

web VictorianWorkhouse 

Victorian Workhouse: A Study of the Bromsgrove Union Workhouse 1836-1901
Neville Land .  £9.95

In this carefully researched and fully illustrated history of the Bromsgrove workhouse, Neville Land charts the changing social role through the years of a well known Victorian institution.


web SchoolAtWar 

Bromsgrove School at War
David Cross.  £5.00

The story of Old Bromsgrovians who fought in the First World War.


 web BromsgroveInExile

Bromsgrove in Exile
D.J. Walters.  £4.00

The fascinating story of the years when Bromsgrove School was evacuated to mid-Wales during the Second World War.


Droitwich & Dodderhill


web Dodderhill

Dodderhill Through the Ages
Derek Hurst et al.(Dodderhill Parish Survey Project, 2011)     £5.00

A history of Dodderhill and Wychbold from Roman times through to the present day. Throughout its history the area has been traversed by a major road which has shaped its development. Salt from Droitwich was carried along this road to medieval markets such as Coventry, and firewood for the brine boiling was transported in the opposite direction. More recently there has been the erection of the BBC transmitters and the arrival of the M5 motorway. The book draws on a wide range of evidence from archaeology and history, including results of original research carried out by the Dodderhill Parish Survey with assistance from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

 web Pillar Of Salt

John Corbett: Pillar of Salt 1817-1901
Barbara Middlemass (Revised and expanded edition published in 2017 by Saltway Press)  £12.00

The story of Worcestershire entrepreneur and philanthropist John Corbett, widely referred to as ‘The Salt King’. Having worked initially for his father’s canal boat business, in 1854 he went into salt production at Stoke Prior. At a time of fierce competition at home and abroad, he established Stoke Works as a highly successful salt manufactory. Later he was elected to Parliament and helped turn Droitwich into a spa resort when the salt industry was in decline.


 web Chateau Impney

Chateau Impney
John Richard Hodges (2009). Single, pre-owned copy, signed by the author. £14.00

Impney Hall was built between 1869 and 1875 for John Corbett, the 'Worcestershire Salt King', and his wife Anna and their family. The book tells the story of this extremely wealthy industrialist and great philanthropist and his splendid Victorian mansion, from the late 19th century through to the modern day.

web DroitwichPhotoHistory 

Droitwich: A Pictorial History
Lyn Blewitt & Bob Field.  £4.00



web DroitwichPhotos 

Droitwich in Old Photographs
J.O. Brettell (Alan Sutton Publishing).  £4.00

J.O. Brettell has selcted photographs of old Droitwich, generally around the turn of the 20th century, from his own extensive collection. The book is aimed at newer residents, who probably have no idea what the town looked like before development and modernisation took place. There is also much that will delight older inhabitants and rekindle many memories for those who no longer live in this part of Worcestershire.


 web DroitwichMill

The History of the Town Mill of Droitwich
Paul Jones LRPS (Worcestershire Industrial Archaeology and Local History Society, Occasional Paper No.1)  £4.50



Belbroughton, Fairfield and Dodford


 web StoryOfDodford

From Hamlet to Parish: The Story of Dodford Worcestershire
Winifred Bond, edited by Gordon Long (Coombe Cottage Books, 2005)  £5.00

A history of the parish of Dodford, Worcestershire from medieval times through to the mid-twentieth century. Winifred Bond’s original version was revised and updated with additional information in 2005 by Gordon Long.    

web GreatDodford

The Last Great Chartist Land Settlement: Great Dodford 1849
Diana Poole (The Dodford Society, 1999)  £5.00

A history of the founding and development of Great Dodford as a Chartist settlement.    

web BelbroughtonHistory 

Belbroughton History Society (2001).  £5.00

Aspects of the history of Belbroughton in the 18th and 19th centuries based on work undertaken by Belbroughton Extramural Class during the session 1981-82.


web BelbroughtonAlmanac 

Belbroughton Almanac, Vol.1
Editor: Madge Jones (Belbroughton History Society).  £3.50



 web Fairfield

The Story of Fairfield Past
Margaret Must.  £4.50


Redditch & Tardebigge


web Worcester Canal 

The Worcester and Birmingham Canal: Chronicles of the Cut
Alan White (Brewin Books, 2016).  £15.00

The Worcester and Birmingham Canal, some thirty miles long, was completed in 1815. A classic of its type, this book traces the successive stages reached in building the canal and its reservoirs, including the saga of the Tardebigge Boat Lift. Later chapters cover the history of the canal following its completion and its use for both commercial and pleasure purposes, as well as past and present places of interest along its length.


web Hundred Years in Tardebigge 

A Hundred Years in Tardebigge: The Parish in the Twentieth Century
Alan White (Brewin Books, 2011)   £9.00

A history of Tardebigge, providing an account of events in the life of the parish in the twentieth century. Aspects covered include: the sale of the Earl of Plymouth’s Hewell Grange estates after the Second World War; happenings at Tardebigge Church and the Church School; changes in farming; and the impact of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal and the A448 dual carriageway on this rural community. Includes reminiscences of several local people.   

web OldRedditch 

Old Redditch
William Avery (Hunt End Books).  £4.00

An early history of the town from 1800-1850. Illustrated by Norman Neasom. Edited by Anne Bradford. Limited edition of 1500 copies.


 web RedditchPhotos

Redditch (The Archive Photographs Series)
Compiled by Phillip Coventry (Chalford Publishing Co.)  £4.00

A unique collection of photographs, postcards and memorabilia of old Redditch gathered together for the first time. Drawn mostly from the author's own collection, the scenes depicted conjure up images of the places and people long since gone.


 web RedditchNeedles

Redditch and the Needle District in Old Photographs
Raymond J. Saunders (Alan Sutton Publishing)  £4.00

The photographs in this delightful selection paint a vivid picture of life in the area before the planners changed it for ever. They recall a time when the pace of life was slower and quieter and communities were more close-knit. They show ordinary people engaged in their everyday occupations, at work, at play or at worship.   

 web TradebiggeSchool

Tardebigge School, 1815-2000: A Short History
Alan White.  £1.00

Tardebigge School's history is traced from its beginning as one of the country's first National Schools, established in 1815, through to its successful fight against closure in the winter of 1998/9. 


Worcestershire (General). All single, pre-owned copies.


We are able to offer good quality, single copies of the following secondhand books. To purchase any of these titles please email us at books [at] bsoc.co.uk and we will arrange for payment and delivery.


A Belbroughton Miscellany. M. Hinton & A. Spier, 1985, £5

A Bromsgrove Carpenter’s Tale. Margaret Cooper, 2001, £4

A Short History of Clent. John Amphlett, 1991, £6

Bromsgrove and the Housmans. John Pugh, 1975, £5

Bromsgrove Now and Then. Alan & Sheila Richards, 1988, £15

Bromsgrove, Images of England series. Margaret Cooper, 1999, £8

Bygone Bromsgrome and All That. Alan Richards and Norman Neason, 1991, £2

Bygone Bromsgrove Picture Book. Alan & Sheila Richard, 1983, £12

Bygone Bromsgrove. Alan Richards, Rev. W. Awdry & others, £6

Clent Celebrated. Carole Hodgson, 1999, £5

Family Walks around Bromsgrove and Droitwich. Margaret Cooper, 1988, £3

George Nicholson: Printer at Stourport. Audrey Cooper, 2001, £2

Ghosts, Murders and Scandals of Worcestershire, II. Anne Bradford, 2009, £3

Here Lyeth the Body – A Look at Worcestershire Churchyards. Sam Redgrave, 1992, £3

John Corbett – Pillar of Salt. Barbara Middlemass and Joe Hunt, 1999, £6

Memories of Wychbold, Robin Skerratt, 2001, £4

More Curiosities of Worcestershire. Ann Moore, 2000, £3

Nine Nightingales (Tardebigge). Pat Warner, 1997, £7

Secrets of Worcestershire. Irene Boston, 1997, £4

Sentenced to ‘Beyond the Seas’. David Clark, 2013, £9

The Hughes Collection - Bromsgrove’s Victorian Photographic Treasury. 2008, £4

The Man Who Adopted Bromsgrove: An Autobiography. Dennis Norton, 2017, £9

Times Past in Belbrought: Shops and Shopping. D. Cope, 1996, £3

Turnpikes, Tollgates and Milestones in South Worcestershire. B.G. Cox, 1980, £4

Worcestershire Privies. Alan Richards, 1999, £6

Worcestershire. Barry Freeman, 1996, £4

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