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AGM 2016


The Bromsgrove Society held its Annual General Meeting on 6th July 2016 at Avoncroft Museum when the retiring officers presented their reports for the year.

John Rowlands, the retiring Treasurer, was thanked by the President John Weston and presented with a gift to mark his exemplary work for the Society over a period of 17 years (shown left), which made John the longest serving officer in the Society’s history.

The meeting then looked to the future and elected a new group of officers to serve for the coming year. Pat Tansell, the Vice Chairman, was elected as Chairman; both Chris Nesbit, the current Secretary and Jo Slade are to be Vice Chairmen. Also a new Treasurer, Richard Aust, was placed in office. The Executive Committee was re-elected.


Bromsgrove Lecture Report

Bromsgrove Society Annual Lecture, 22 March 2016: 'Herbert Austin and the Longbridge Story' by Max Hunt


The 2016 Bromsgrove Society Annual Lecture, the 30th in the Society’s history, was a great success. The speaker was Max Hunt, a former history master and later Director of Education for Stockport. Max was born in Romsley and remembers the special trains taking Austin workers home from Longbridge stopping at Hunnington Station. Max's first car was an Austin Seven 'Nippy' made at Longbridge in 1935.

Max traced the life of Herbert Austin from his birth in Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire, through his time in Australia perfecting sheep-shearing equipment, to developing the first Wolseley cars in the early 1900s. In 1906 he bought a former printing works at Longbridge, where he made strong dependable motor cars. Herbert Austin visited the 1906 motorshow with only a catalogue illustrating his first Austin car, as an elevation only, not even a perspective. His offer to customers was that this car would be available in 6-9 months at a price of £650. On this basis he secured orders and so "the Austin" began.


Latest Newsletter


The Bromsgrove Society Newsletter

In the September 2016 issue:

  • Report on the Bromsgrove Summer School
  • Minutes of the 2016 AGM
  • Bromsgrove station opens for business

Bromsgrove Rousler 2015

Rousler 2015

The 2015 edition of The Bromsgrove Rousler is now available. Topics in this year’s Rousler include:

  • The forgotten needlemakers of Bromsgrove and Stoke Prior;
  • The Bromsgrove Races;
  • The remarkable will of Thomas Hawkes;
  • The sad story of Eliza Giles, a lunatic pauper;
  • The East Worcestershire election of April 1880;
  • Tales of livestock transporting before & after WWII
  • The story of the Rea family of Stourbridge Road

As well as being sold through local outlets, the Rousler is again available as a paid download through this website. Back issues are also available to download.


Feckenham Forester, Issue 3


Following the success of the first two editions of this local history magazine, the 2016 issue is now available.

The 2016 issue contains new articles on the history of the Redditch, Inkberrow, Feckenham, Hanbury area and surrounding villages in east Worcestershire (the ancient Feckenham Forest area) from Tudor times to the 20th century.

It may be purchased (price £3.50) from Feckenham Forest History Society meetings or from several outlets in the Feckenham area. For more information contact the editor: Richard Churchley, tel: 01527 892361 or email: rachurchley [at] totalise.co.uk.

For details of the society see www.feckenham-forest-history-society.org.uk.

New Book on St John's Church


Fairly Mounted on a Hill is a new book by local historian and past church warden of St John's church, Simon Henderson. He  has researched the history of the building using the stories of the people who lived in Bromsgrove and whose lives have touched the church. A lively book about the people who bring a building to life.

Play your part in the Story of St John's:
Simon has given the book to the Friends of St John's to publish and sell as a fundraising initiative. To finance the publication we are inviting people to subscribe. Subscription is just £25. For this you will get: a signed copy of "Fairly Mounted on a Hill"; an invitation to the launch event; and your name printed in the first edition of the book.

By subscribing you will permit this wonderful book to be published. The fabulous stories within the book, which bring back to life the people of Bromsgrove, will be told to many, and forever live on. 

For details of how to subscribe see here.

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