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The Bromsgrove Society exists to preserve the history and promote the sustainable development of the town of Bromsgrove in north Worcestershire.

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Privacy Policy

This privacy notice relates to your use of the Bromsgrove Society website with url www.bsoc.co.uk.

Electronic Storage

Information regarding your login details, name, address, phone number, email and order activity will be stored on a computer. This information will only be used by the Bromsgrove Society to fulfil your online orders from this website, including membership applications. Details held on Bromsgrove Society computers will not be passed to any other organisations.

Online Payments

Online payments from this website are made via our preferred payment partners, Paypal Payment Services and Eventbrite, and as such no banking, debit or credit card details are stored on Bromsgrove Society computers. We will pass your name, address, email and order details to card processing partners in order for them to process your payment. Providers will provide a link to their own Privacy Policy on their payment processing page.


In order to process orders, cookies (small data files) will be stored on customer's computers. This is normal practice for online purchases with shopping cart and online payment facilities. The Bromsgrove Society does not use cookies for advertising purposes.


Visits to this website are also recorded by Google Analytics in order to provide anonymous statistics to assist us in website capacity planning and to assist with decisions on which products to make available online. The following lists some of the information recorded.

  • Country/town of origin (we need to add postal rates by country so must ensure that all countries are included).
  • Number of visits and pages viewed (this indicates areas of interest which we may expand at a later date).
  • How customers came to our site, e.g. via a Google search, referral from another site, other search engines, or direct.
  • Keywords used in search engines (this helps us to decide which product ranges we may expand in the future).

None of the above Google Analytics data can be traced back to an individual computer.

Remember Subscriptions!

Annual subscriptions for all members are due from 1st June.

Please consider paying by standing order as this significantly reduces administration time.

You can renew online and check the current subscription rates on our Membership Page.
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